Business in Details

EVERGREEN TEXTILES LIMITED is a company which was engaged in manufacturing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, knitting, in High Pile Fur Fabrics, cloth and other fabrics made from acrylic, polyester, cotton silk, artificial silk, wool and other suitable materials. It was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in the state of Maharashtra on 4th October, 1985.

The company's overall operations are maintained by Directors of the Company, who are looking after the day-to-day affairs of the Company. The present management team appears to be well conversed with related aspects of the industry in view of their experience of over 3 decades in more or less similar type of industries.

At present there is no operation in the Company. However Board is working to restart Company and is in advance stage of discussions with Foreign Partners. The Board is Confident that the activities can be again started in the Company shortly.

Evergreen Textiles Limited under the guidance of our Chairman, Mr. Manjunath Damodar Shanbhag focus is on manufacturing products of excellent and consistent quality, adding value by offering a variety of weaves, designs, and finishes; innovating continuously to create new products.